The Crime

At 11.55 pm the evening of 17th of November, an alarm was raised by neighbours of 54 Lillywood Avenue, alerting emergency services to a fire seen in the 2 story residence. Three tenders were dispatched to deal with the emergency and after 2 hours of intensive firefighting the blackened shell of the house was proclaimed safe for crime scene experts to analyse.

Since then investigators have struggled to find any leads to the case. Using your scientific knowledge and your problem solving skills, it is your taskĀ  to help crime scene analysts solve this crime.

You have lots to do!

First of all, read up on the background to the crime here. Then read through all of the theory.

Then you’ll need to go here to read the suspects statements and download their fingerprint profiles.

You’ll need to calculate the time of death for the second victim.

Analyse the fingerprints found at the crime scene (password required).

Check out the autopsy report.

Compare dental records (password required).

Analyse DNA tests (password required).

Once you think you have the answer compare it with the verdict (password required).

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